To become a contributor, you need to sign up for an account on the website. Once registered, you can upload your digital assets, such as images, videos, sounds, icons, or illustrations, and submit them for approval. If your products meet the quality standards, they will be approved, and you will earn Rs. 10 for each approved product.

Contributors receive their payments through the payment method they have set up in their account settings. BitsImages provides various payment options, such as bank transfers, PayPal, or other electronic payment methods. You can choose the most convenient method for receiving your earnings.

Customers can download images by creating an account on the website. Once logged in, they can browse the available products and select the desired image(s) for purchase. Upon completing the payment process, customers can download the images directly from their account or receive a download link via email. And if they are choosing a free product, it can be downloaded directly from the desired product’s webpage.

Yes, BitsImages generally allows users to preview or sample videos before making a purchase. The website may provide a preview feature or offer a low-resolution watermarked version of the video for evaluation purposes. This allows customers to assess the content, quality, and suitability of the video for their specific needs before making a purchase decision. The preview option or watermarked version helps ensure customer satisfaction and assists in making informed purchasing choices.

BitsImages welcomes individuals with creative skills and assets to become contributors. Generally, anyone who has the necessary skills and resources to create high-quality digital products, such as images, videos, sounds, icons, and illustrations, can apply to become a contributor. Whether you are a professional photographer, graphic designer, videographer, or an aspiring artist, you can sign up and submit your work for consideration